Spa breaks (3-day mini-cures)

...the right way to take care of your body and your health...

A true haven of peace located just a few steps from the Grande Plage, the Celtique hotel's spa offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience providing serenity and rejuvenation.

Entirely dedicated to well-being, this space now offers 3-day "Spa Breaks" focused on a targeted problem and combining high-end Phytomer® brand products with holistic treatments providing the most immersive interlude a spa can offer!

3 breaks are currently proposed:

Our team of therapists will accompany you throughout your break with a range of natural treatments, adapted to your needs.

Until Saturday 30 September 2023, take advantage of an exceptional discount of 20% on all Spa Break bookings.

To be noted The treatments are divided by ½ day, alternating between morning and afternoon. The order of the treatments can vary according to your wishes and availability. Our Spa Breaks are available to both external and in-house guests.

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